For Those Who Demand the Best

America's top luxury home builders like Toll Brothers demand that only the RED TAIL Texture Gun be used on their job site. During final drywall contract negotiations of their new $100 Million tract of million dollar plus luxury homes, the drywall contract stated that only the "Red Tail" texture gun may be used for drywall texture repairs.

RED TAIL texture sprayers are the best tools that drywall professionals can use—period! Made of the highest quality materials and a patented design, the RED TAIL is the best texture gun that money can buy. The RED TAIL Texture Gun was created by a professional drywaller who was dissatisfied with the texture sprayers available to him at the time; he was not able to find the quality tool that he wanted—so he invented it! For drywall pros who demand the best, the RED TAIL product line has offered the best texture sprayers on the market for nearly 20 years.