Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What type of texture will the RED TAIL spray?

- The tip adjusts from fine orange peel to heavy knockdown.

Question: What type of maintenance is required on the RED TAIL texture gun?

- It will vary depending on the user. A professional using the RED TAIL T100 for 8 hours a day would require approximately 5 drops of oil every 2 - 3 weeks.

Question: Will the corrosive nature of texture affect the RED TAIL?

- No, all parts are machined from the finest material available and are resistant to corrosion.

Question: Will the RED TAIL spray acoustic ceilings?

- Yes, an acoustic tip is available.

Question: Is the RED TAIL limited to texturing patches?

- No, it is designed to spray texture with minimal effort, making it easy to texture anything from small patches to complete rooms.

Question: Does the RED TAIL require any particular texture?

- No, any brand of texture may be used. We highly recommend using drywall topping compound thinned out with water to the desired thickness. It has minimum shrinkage compared to other texture, making it easier to match existing texture without having to guess the amount of shrinkage.