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T100 Handle

The RED TAIL Texture Gun was created by a professional drywaller after being consistently dissatisfied with the texture guns that were available at the time. After years of research and development, including everyday use on the job, the RED TAIL T100, T100 A-R and 100 V-Tex were developed. Red Tail solved the most common complaints of the other texture guns that were available and commonly used.

The RED TAIL product line features a patented design and is crafted from the finest materials available. RED TAIL offers all of the parts required to keep your investment in great working condition for many years of reliable service. When people see that you are using a RED TAIL texture gun, they will know that you are a drywall professional who takes his job seriously.


  • CNC Machined from Solid Brass and 6061 T6 Aluminum Billet
  • No Cast Parts
  • Built to Aerospace Standards
  • Military Type II Anodizing
  • Patented, Field-tested Design
  • On the Market for Nearly Twenty Years
  • Full Catalog of Replacement Parts
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • "After ten years of use, it still textures perfect." - Eddie M.
  • "Best texture gun ever built." - Dale B.
  • "Works perfect every time." - Larry B.
  • "If you have a RED TAIL—you're a true drywall pro." - Paco S.
  • "Best tool I ever owned!" - Juan R.
  • "Every Customer Service Tech I hire has a RED TAIL." - Robert B.
  • "The best drywall contractors use RED TAIL." - Joe D.